Funeral Flowers

Funeral Floral Arrangements

During times of grief, send a gentle message of love and remembrance with funeral flowers. These gifts are a kind way to honour friends and family at their service and show loved ones that you care.

Beautiful florist-arranged funeral flowers show your support during this difficult time. All of our bouquets are arranged with the freshest flowers and many are available for same day delivery.

The most popular types of floral arrangements for a funeral service include wreaths, crosses and baskets, as well as large standing funeral sprays and casket sprays.

At La Belle Fleur, we are dedicated to creating beautiful floral tributes, ranging from small posies to a full selection of Church flowers and large coffin sprays that are often used as a tribute from the whole family.

We will help you to select from a wide range of designs, or create something that is a unique tribute to your loved one. This might comprise their name, a sports jersey, musical interest or anything else that reflects the things for which they were known and loved.

Choosing Funeral Flowers

Flowers and Wreaths
From a single long-stemmed flower in a glass vase to an elaborate standing wreath or coffin spray, you can find suitable funeral flowers at La Belle Fleur at all price levels. Expressing your love and support for grieving friends and family members by sending fresh flowers to the funeral home or residence, or indeed for placing at the graveside, is a beautiful and dignified gesture.

Flower Crosses and Coffin Sprays
La Belle Fleur also designs handcrafted flower crosses for funerals. Floral crosses are a traditional symbol of faith and can bring comfort to people attending a funeral or memorial service. Sometimes displayed on a wire stand or easel, multi-coloured floral crosses can include roses, asters, hydrangea, orchids and ivy. All-white funeral crosses are often made with white roses surrounded by deep green foliage.
Coffin sprays are often selected by the family members. Choosing a floral spray to adorn the coffin is traditionally the reserve of the closest surviving family member. Lid sprays extend the full length of the coffin, while half-sprays only cover half of the coffin.

The Symbolic Power of Funeral Flowers

Dealing with the loss of a loved one or dear friend is difficult. Allow us at La Belle Fleur to help, by providing beautiful funeral flowers to show your love and appreciation. Funeral flower arrangements are a way to honour the deceased and provide a measure of comfort for the family.

The family of the deceased gains a lot of comfort and joy from the symbolic power of funeral flower arrangements.  After the funeral or wake is over and the people have left, families take note of all the sympathy flowers and remember the many meaningful relationships enjoyed by the deceased. In this way, funeral flowers are an intimate expression of your love and care.

Our flowers are sourced on a daily basis to guarantee quality. Allow us to provide you with the level of care you need so you may express your condolences in a powerful and lasting manner.